Wednesday, 31 August 2011

★ Bean Reaper - end of summer report ★

As summer draws to an end it's time for an update - the busy vegetable growing season made our posts here slightly irregular - we've been busy harvesting and making music. Mr Bamonte our manager is shopping around trying to find a sympathetic home, label wise, for the album which is now completed.
We will be posting some audio clips here over the next few weeks.
Above is a picture from a recent photo shoot we did with the video artist Alvin Lovelycat - and  below is an edit we did of Arthur Russell's "This is how we walk on the moon" - it's been on heavy rotation on the garden stereo and we just couldn't stop ourselves giving it a little tweak.

Arthur Russell - This is how we walk on the moon - BBB Edit by BroadBeanBand