Thursday, 31 January 2013

★ Prepared for lift off! Album release..★

We at BBB are very proud to announce the forthcoming release of our self-titled debut album on the 18th of February 2013 on the Music_Laden label.
Produced by BBB and recorded between Ireland and Germany, it is a celebration of all things organic and analog!!
As well as the album there will be the Remix EP on 12" 180g vinyl. Remixes from Brassica, Walls, Colm K and SlikNik. Both the album and the remix EP will be available from all the usual digital outlets and also on CD and vinyl from the Music_Laden online store and selected retailers.
Videos and pre-sale news to follow.
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

★ Cut, Pressed & Approved ★

The black gold has landed in all its 180g glory! 
Album release dates, new websites, videos etc all coming in the next week-ish... 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

★ It's bean a while....(still got it!) ★

So we could bore you with details of why this has all taken so long... but we wont. You know how the music business is these days. The album has been finished for a while, remixes are in progress and we are shooting a video for the album, as we speak, with the wonderful Jason X Lee. We are releasing the album on the new Berlin/Ireland based label Music_Laden.So just a little more time and it will be all with you. And much more.... In the mean time a couple of pictures from various bits of the (very cold) video shoot.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

★ Bean Reaper - end of summer report ★

As summer draws to an end it's time for an update - the busy vegetable growing season made our posts here slightly irregular - we've been busy harvesting and making music. Mr Bamonte our manager is shopping around trying to find a sympathetic home, label wise, for the album which is now completed.
We will be posting some audio clips here over the next few weeks.
Above is a picture from a recent photo shoot we did with the video artist Alvin Lovelycat - and  below is an edit we did of Arthur Russell's "This is how we walk on the moon" - it's been on heavy rotation on the garden stereo and we just couldn't stop ourselves giving it a little tweak.

Arthur Russell - This is how we walk on the moon - BBB Edit by BroadBeanBand

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

★ Beans, beans - the musical fruit ★

The first bean and garlic crops are in! To some they may equate to bad breath and wind, but the pleasure of eating these freshly picked is worth it...
Music selection served up by Locussolus (DJ Harvey) from his forth coming album... Guten Appetit!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

★ Just checking ★

Broad Bean Band album written - Check!
Garden planted - Check!
Passports - Check!
Back to Berlin - Check!

It's been lovely being home in Ireland and having green fingers again but now its back to BBB business in Berlin...Busy 'B's'! Over the next two weeks we're booked in to do the final mixing for the album.  
Here are some pics from the past week: our new Jupiter 8 synth being adored, the sea and some vegetables.

Monday, 28 March 2011

★ Full Moon Field Recording ★

On the evening of that beautiful full moon we gathered up our field recording kit and braved the cold to get an assortment of out-door recordings for the album.. The wind by the river made it a little tricky, as did the slightly frozen fingers! Some pictures below.
We have decamped to Ireland to do a little more recording and kick off the vegetable growing season and then back to Berlin at the end of April for the final mixing session.